Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Side to side crocheted skirt

Side to side crocheted skirt
Size I crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn
Tapestry needle

Row 1: Sc into second ch from hook, sc next five ch, hdc next 6 ch, dc next six chains, ch 3.
Row 2: Dc into fourth ch from the hook, work 5 dc. Hdc all hdc, sc into all sc, ch1
Row 3: Sc all ch, Hdc all hdc, Dc all dcs, Ch 3.
Rep row 2 and 3 until waist measures 9” BO.
Weave in all ends, sew up or slip stitch up side.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Black Sheep Skirt
Size 5 and 7 needles
Worsted weight yarn in two shades of pink
Scraps of worsted weight black yarn
Scraps of black bouclé
Tapestry needle
Elastic waistband 11.5 inches
Needle and thread

Using light pink, CO 60 sts on size five needles
Work 2x2 ribbing for two inches
Change to larger needles and darker pink.

Row 1 (WS) CO 4 sts at the beginning of the row, *K7, P1 from * to end.
Row 2: *K1 P7, K1 from * to end.
Row 3: *K7, P1 from * to end.
Work even until piece measures 6 inches from the top. BO
Folding the ribbing over so it measures an inch in length, sew up. Insert elastic and using needle and thread, sew one end of the elastic to the other. Sew up the side.
Optional: embroider the sheep on the skirt, starting about 0.5 inches from the bottom of ths skirt.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pleated skirt for twist and turn waist barbie

Size 5 (US) needles
Sport weight yarn
Tapestry needle

Co 48 sts

R1:* k7 p1 from* across row
R2: *P7 K1 from * across row
Work in this way for an inch, ending on a RS row.

Next row: *P5 p2tog K1 from star across row
next row: *K5, p1 from * across
Work this way for another inch.

Next row: k2tog across the row.

Next work 6 rows garter stitch, then bind off.
seam up.

Pictures to come soon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Size six knitting needles 4.0 mm
Sharp large eyed needle
Hook and eye
Cotton yarn in any color
Cast on 20 stitches. Work 5 rows garter stitch.

Trick row
Holding stitches and needles the knit way, wrap yarn three times around the needle. Repeat across the row.
Knit the next row normally, letting two of the loops fall off the needle making sure at the end of the row there are only 20 stitches. Work 5 more garter stitch rows then repeat trick row. Work this way until required length or you run out of yarn. Bind off, weave in ends, sew on hook on one end, eye on the other.

Pikachu I pod Cozy

Cast on 16 stitches with long tail cast on. Knit two rows then purl. Then work stockinette stitch till (when wrapped around the MP3 player) it fits snugly. Then sew up the side and bottom.

I cord ears (make two).

Cast on three stitches doing three or so rows then knitting the three stitches together and binding off.

Then embroider face with scraps of yarn according to the picture.